“Mom, Jesus Healed Me!”

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“Mom, Jesus healed me!”

These were the words so confidently spoken by my second son a few weeks ago as the morning sun was peeking through the window shades. My heart melted, and I smiled at his genuine, childlike faith. The bruise remained, but my son didn’t see the mark. Instead, he believed in a Healer, a God that had made his world better and beautiful.

You see, two days prior to this, Sawyer was enjoying a typical park play date when shortly before we had planned to leave, he stumbled down a stair and hit his baby soft cheek. Immediately, tears flowed and my precious boy was sobbing from the pain. Almost instantly, the blueish hue made its mark, and this mama knew a genuine bruise was on its way. I embraced my sweet boy in my arms, reassuring him as I held him close. After a brief evaluation and check to make sure he was okay, we packed up and headed home. In no time at all, like most little boys with bumps and bruises, he proceeded to carry on with his normal day activities, playful and unaware of the mark that clearly painted his precious cheek.

The next day, evidence from his fall was no better. In fact, it was worse, for the bruise had decided to weave around his bright blue eye. All the evidence showed that this mark was going to be around for a while. Yet, his blue eyes still held their playful sparkle, a sparkle that seemed to say, “All is well. Even though the bruise remains, there is still a bright day ahead of me.”

As I reflected on my son’s words while getting him ready that morning, I felt the Lord gently whisper to my heart: “My precious daughter, this is beautiful faith. You see, my beloved, by all evidence and by what is seen, his bruise still remains. In fact, the mark has gotten worse before full healing and restoration take place. Yet, instead of focusing on the marks, he is fixated on a Savior who heals, a God who makes all things new. Oh, my beloved, would you have the courage to live so boldly?

The Lord’s question stirs in my heart today as I reflect upon the areas in my life where I feel like the bruises and pain are so real. In fact, the brokenness I feel at times can speak so loudly, and in those moments, it’s I struggle to see my Lord, to hear his gentle whispers, to see that He is working all things together for good. In fact, it’s all I can do at times to remind myself that He is a loving and faithful God, despite the fact that my bruises and scars can go so deep, can cling so tightly. But today, I choose to look beyond the pain that still lingers and cling to His promises instead. He is a God, Who not only brings me through the pain, but Who also carries me in my darkest moments. He is a Savior, Who not only saves my heart, but Who is also faithful enough to hold my heart when I can’t hold on any more. He is my Redeemer and promises to restore and to heal all that has been lost–to bring beauty from these ashes. And because of this, today is the day I choose to say, “All is well. Even though the bruise remains, there is still a bright day ahead of me.”

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