“When I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t know where to start. My midwife recommended a few Doula’s and LeNay was one of them. After looking at LeNay’s website first, I didn’t even bother looking at any other Doula as an option. I knew she was the one I wanted to work with. The one thing that stood out was her faith. I knew I needed a Doula that would have God as the center of the experience and LeNay provided that from start to finish. She constantly filled me up with positive, godly affirmations that truly prepared me for a beautiful birth. I was never scared. I knew and believed that my birth was going to be amazing because she was helping me believe it to be true. And it WAS! I couldn’t imagine anyone else present during my labor / birth. I am so grateful God brought her into my life. I would strongly recommend LeNay to EVERY mom!”

“The first word that come to mind when I think about LeNay is love. She has so much love that just pours out of every part of her body. Having LeNay be apart of the birth of our daughter is an experience I will never forget. She was so supportive and my husband and I never had to ask for anything, she just knew what we both needed! She had such a positive energy and compassion when I needed it the most. I had a natural child birth at a birth center and when I hit my wall and thought I could no longer go through it, I remember hearing her calming voice encouraging me and husband. She always had suggestions of what to try for comfort and reminded me to breath and relax when my contractions were the hardest and she had water with a straw for me between contractions! I felt like a queen with LeNay at my side. She massaged me to help me relax and held a bucket when I was sick. She took over when my husband needed to rest from being exhausted so he could be there refreshed the moment our little blessing was born. She stayed after our daughter was born and made sure I had something to eat and drink and also made me a delicious smoothie! She followed up with me the very next day and set a date to come see how we were doing as a new family of 4 and how my recovery was. LeNay was worth her weight in gold before, during and after our labor. She was also easy to get a hold of and always there when I needed support. She made sure that my husband was always involved with everything. She was amazing with our eldest daughter as well. She is still there as a fellow mama that I can reach out to…and our daughter is now 3 months old! Thank you, LeNay for being you and for helping my husband and I bring our beautiful daughter, into this world. We love you!”

“I was so happy with LeNay as my doula and would absolutely recommend her to anybody and everybody! I LOVED how she was so sensitive to me getting the birth that I wanted; no judgment; just support and encouragement. I was massively impressed by how detailed she was, and how much she was willing and able to do for my husband and me before, during, and after the birth! It meant the world to me that she was able to capture the moments (both through journaling and photography) that I missed during birth; and I knew I would miss (this was my 3rd birth). My husband was wonderfully supportive too, but with LeNay also being a mom, she had more “tools in her tool belt” than he did on how to help me through the birthing process; after all, not every birth is the same! Our nurses were also wonderful, but we weren’t their only patients. LeNay was able to stay with us the entire time, and there is immeasurable comfort in that. Then, reliving it all with her later (minus the struggle) was such a joy to me! I’ve honestly never met anybody as sweet and encouraging as her, but what sets her apart from the rest is her steadfast faith in Jesus and knowing what a true miracle these babies are to us; gifts from the Lord!”

“Having LeNay as my doula changed the way I looked at birth. Instead of being scared I felt confident. It was because of LeNay that i had the strength to move through a powerful birth. From feeding me spoonfuls of honey to checking in and supporting my husband- she did it all. We were incredibly blessed to have had her as our doula ❤”

“LeNay was a wonderful addition to our family’s birth experience. She holds a remarkable balance of competency and warmth, so often difficult to find. Because I was already having a midwife deliver our baby at a birth center, I wasn’t certain I needed to hire a doula; I am SO GLAD we did. She brought the calm and direction needed, especially during a difficult transition. LeNay has a special ability to make you feel you are the only person in the world.
Thank you for blessing our family in ways you’ll never know! XO”