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I am very excited to feature this guest post from Dr. Kelsey Metz, a wonderful chiropractor with a passion for children. As someone who has chosen to have my children seen by the chiropractor since they were a week old, I can definitely attest to the benefits! I’d encourage you to consider seeking out a chiropractor after reading this post. 🙂 Enjoy! 🙂
Hi Guys!
My name is Dr. Kelsey Metz and I am so excited to be featured as a guest on Avocado Mommy’s blog! I am a mom, a wife, and a chiropractor– three roles that I love dearly. It is through these three venues that I can pursue and share my passion for healthy living each and every day. I absolutely love treating patients of all ages, but those little ones hold a very special place in my heart. I am certified in the Webster Technique and am very close to completing my continuing education to become certified in chiropractic pediatrics through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.
Today I want to share with you the benefits of choosing chiropractic care for your child and how chiropractic care can be used to enhance the health of your child. Often times, people think chiropractic care is only for low back pain and headaches; however that only scratches the surface of what chiropractic can help with. To help make sense of everything, we are going to start with a little science lesson (don’t leave me now, I promise it won’t be too bad )!
Chiropractic adjustments have their affect on the nervous system. The nervous system consists of the brain, the spinal cord and pairs of several nerves. These nerves branch off of the spinal cord under the vertebrae in the back and travel to every organ, muscle, cell and tissue in the body. Now, if the spine is in perfect alignment, these nerves have plenty of room to travel to their target tissue. However, if a bone becomes misaligned it can put pressure on a nerve, decreasing the impulse that it can send to its corresponding organ or tissue. It’s kind of like a water hose. If you are watering your flowers and you get a kink in the hose, the water flow is reduced to a trickle. The same is true with our nerves. Spinal misalignments put pressure on these nerves and decrease the function of the nerves and subsequently decrease the health of the associated organ, cell or tissue.
So what does that have to do with keeping our kids healthy? Well, kids are prime candidates for spinal misalignments! From the birth process to learning to crawl, walk and athletic events; children’s bodies are constantly undergoing physical stressors. Often times the symptoms of underlying spinal misalignments are different in kids than adults. Young children will often present with ear infections, colic, reflux or constipation when their spine is out of alignment. The chiropractic adjustment works to remove the pressure on the nerve and allow the body to function optimally. Chiropractic adjustments also boost the immune system, so chiropractic kiddos tend to get sick much less and fight illness faster!
One of my favorite testimonials is of little Madelyn. Madelyn was four weeks old when her parents brought her in to see me. From the time of her birth, she was very restless. She didn’t sleep well, was always crying and would spit up so bad every time after she nursed it would come out her nose. When I assessed Madelyn I noticed several areas of significant misalignment in her spine. So, I picked up this screaming and clearly uncomfortable baby and began to adjust her very lightly. As we removed the irritation in her spine, I could feel her begin to relax and by the time I finished adjusting her she was asleep in my arms. From that point on, Madelyn was a different little girl. She was happy and content. She slept longer stretches and stopped spitting up. This is one of the many joys I get to witness every day, by giving the body what it needs to function at its very best!
If you are interested in getting your child checked or are just curious if chiropractic can enhance your child’s health, you can find me at Family First Chiropractic Center in Blaine, MN. (
Big Hugs,
Dr. Kelsey Metz
What about you? Do you have a success story through chiropractic care?


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